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The Following FACTS are provided by Weedmaps. Founded in 2008, Weedmaps is the oldest and largest technology company servicing the regulated cannabis industry. Weedmaps is committed to working with local governments, community and other key stakeholders to organize comprehensive marijuana policy solutions that enable industry growth and address public safety, health, tax and community reinvestment goals. www.wmpolicy.com

about relevant.

Formed as a majority, minority-owned (African-American), Limited Liability Company (“LLC”).
Whether legalized in Atlantic City or throughout the State of New Jersey, Relevant is positioned
to obtain three licenses:
Relevant stands out as a unique solution for New Jersey. Two primary owners of Relevant are physicians who not only have long-standing medical backgrounds (over 30 years), but also maintain an astute successful business acumen, having successfully run multiple businesses in the medical field, as well as restaurants, hotels, boat manufacturing, consulting, apartments, construction and commercial buildings.
Our physicians are certified to prescribe medical marijuana.
Relevant is very well positioned, engaging in business within the City of Atlantic City and Atlantic County, having real estate holdings for over 40 years.
Relevant’s primary distribution center would be positioned in the Center of Atlantic City at 1325 Baltic Avenue - Atlantic City (at the corner of Baltic and Tennessee Avenues). The 5000 square foot facility is ready for use with minor reconfiguration, and the property provides over 50 parking spaces.
The manufacturing and processing plant will be housed in 100,000 square foot building, this location is ideal not only because of its size and location, but also because it already maintains enough electrical power lines to accommodate the large energy needs of a growing facility.
In addition, they have other locations in South Jersey where they can grow. In each of these facilities manufacturing of products can be done, including baked items and other products.
If the legislation addresses the entire State of New Jersey, Relevant is positioned with locations throughout the state.
In closing, Relevant will bring an innovative mindset to the marijuana business combining medical and business-minded leadership to ensure the highest quality production along with the safety for usage.
Education of the New Jersey residents will be an integral component of Relevant’s efforts as Relevant plans to produce high-quality medically proven information free to the public.
Relevant is immediately available, able and prepared to enter the most exciting new enterprise in New Jersey and can assist New Jersey in standing out among other states that already have legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults.


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Jon M. Regis, M.D.
Ira M. Trocki, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer